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We are 66 acres of orange grove, pastureland, and cypress swamps with an idyllic Old Florida feel. We aim to provide a place where you can restore your wonder – by connecting with nature and in turn, yourself.

Sustainable and self-sufficient, Wonderfield Farm offers a retreat to nature. Should you visit for a day of citrus picking in the sun, a weekend of camping with friends, or to host a celebration of your own - we can’t wait to meet you and hope you enjoy your time at Wonderfield.

WonderField Farm & Retreat regularly hosts events that are open to the public, and is the perfect destination to host your next event. Yoga retreats, wellness events, workshops, and more! Your imagination is the limit.


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There is plenty to explore at WonderField Farm & Grove, so we absolutely recommend staying a night, or two! Waking up to the swamp birds singing and taking a walk to discover our slice of “Old Florida” will be an experience you won’t forget.


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At WonderField, organic isn’t just a fancy label. We live the permaculture way - putting intention into our land to be sustainable, regenerative, and self-sufficient which is “organic” in the purest sense.


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"Priceless. I will not be able to explain the experience via text; however, my son said, "Daddy, can we come here the next time I am with you? This place is awesome." We were greeted by the pigs/boars and cows. I took video of the cows coming up to us when we first arrived and our dog kissing through the fence. The permaculture and natural landscape is right up my alley. This was something my son will have lifelong memories of and look forward to returning.

- Anthony DiStefano

This Farm/Retreat is the best place to get away from the crazy big cities. You can feed cows, walk in nature, explore the old Florida swamp life, harvest fresh oranges and the farm cat is the cutest! They also have a small vegetable garden for the Airbnb guests which is a plus. Love everything about his place.

- Mike C.

Going to Wonderfield was like going to another world. The dancing oaks covered in Spanish moss are magestic. The animals are adorable and sweet, and the energy is so pure. From the immaculate cabins, to the best composting toilets ever, to the peaceful gazebo, this is a place you’ll want to visit again and again. I’m already excited to go back!

- Jaime H. 

This place feels like home. There is so much to explore and I’ve met so many fantastic people here. Oh, and another bonus being here - ORANGES!! They’re everywhere... any time you’d like one, just grab one! Straight off of the tree. There is no better way to enjoy and orange. Come here to experience peace and tranquility.

- Joseph Gray


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