Sustainable, Self-Sufficient, and Organic in the Purest Sense

Our Mission & Values

To cultivate a space for ourselves, friends, family, and others to come and enjoy.
Self sustainability, preservation, and regenerative practices. 

In 2019 Wonderfield Farm and Grove partnered with “The Dream Team” at GreenDreams Florida – to create a future for Wonderfield rooted in the understanding of permaculture. We are 66 acres of orange groves, pasture, and conservation wetlands all neighboring the Flying Eagle Preserve in Floral City, Florida.

Our partnership with Green Dreams quickly led to immense growth for Wonderfield Farm & Grove – from an incredibly detailed site plan with implementation stages to the opportunity to host the 2019 Florida Permaculture Convergence!

Here is a taste of what’s to come at Wonderfield Farm & Grove with the help of the incredible permaculture community here in Florida…

Our Permaculture Plan

From this...

to this...

Rewilding, regenerating, Rebuilding

At one time, this property was a fully operational orange grove known as Banes Grove that was left unattended for over a decade. We’ve surprisingly found that many of the citrus trees left to their own devices for the past decade are still tasty, sweet, have not been affected by greening, and are actually thriving in the understory of our oaks, maples, and magnolias.

Working with GreenDreams, the University of Florida IFAS, and many other talented permaculturists in Florida – we are working to restore the groves at Wonderfield.

From Banes Grove to Wonderfield

Wonderfield Farm & Grove is currently in the process of rehabilitating our citrus groves. 

While living at Wonderfield, our cows are cared for and loved almost like pets! And if you’re ever visiting, make sure you feed them and orange or two – they LOVE them!

Our chickens are treated just the same, with love and care! We allow them to graze freely every day and occasionally rotate them in our cow pastures.

All our livestock work together to keep Wonderfield thriving – gifting us with eggs, fertilizing the grasses, keeping ticks at bay, and so much more.

Friends of Wonderfield

The livestock at Wonderfield are fed from the green grasses right here on site. We are in the beginning stages of a calf to cow operation. 

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