Our Mission

It’s our ambition to empower fellow wellness guides & coaches to own their gifts and give them back to the world by co-creating a space which inspires authenticity, boldness, curiosity & divine expression.

The Vision

Wonderfield Farm is a place where magic happens, dreams come to fruition and wonder is restored. With a rising attention to wellness, many are answering their call to share the gifts that helped them on their own journey towards wholeness. Yoga, art therapy, philosophical inquiry – whatever medicine or source has played a role in one’s own healing, it is natural to feel a responsibility and desire to share this gift with others. The primary obstacle many individuals face is acquiring and balancing the necessary skills, wisdom, and business acumen to earn a living on a non-conventional path of servitude – and this is particularly true when it comes to hosting retreats.

Retreats allow for a degree of value and depth of connection you would be hard-pressed to provide and foster with students in a class or workshop format. Organizing, executing and hosting these events however can be complex, difficult, risky, and overwhelming. Wonderfield Farm decided to embrace these challenges as an opportunity to empower wellness professionals with our tailor-made solution: The Wonderfield Wellness Retreat Collaboration Program. We help co-create your dream retreat with our turn-key system, all you must have is a VISION, a clear understanding WHY, and a DRIVE to strive and share insights so WE may collectively proceed down our paths of self actualization. If you meet these criteria, we will happily help in bringing your dream to life!

From Vision to Reality

When you host your retreat at Wonderfield we will provide:

  • Full-time Retreat Assistant
  • Retreat & Personnel Scheduling
  • Event Page on Facebook & WonderfieldFarm.com
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Ticket Listing & Payment Processing
  • Guest Booking Support
  • Retreat Chef
  • Lodging and Amenities
  • Retreat Facilitation Guidance
  • 66 Acres of Farm, Forest & Swampland to Wander & Wonder
  • Additional Instructors & Excursions Available (yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, art, airboating, field-trip to springs, etc)


Want to host your retreat at Wonderfield? APPLY HERE to begin the process of bringing your vision to reality.

Email us at info@wonderfieldfarm.com

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