Our Mission

It is our mission to make wellness retreats more accessible, for both hosts and attendees. We are passionate about this cause because we have first hand knowledge of the healing, transformation, & connection – with self, community, & spirit – which is probable in such an environment. We have pondered on the question “how could we most positively impact the world, given our passions, experience and resources?”. The answer we’ve received: Create a space for people to come home to themselves.

The Vision

We envision a world where personal wellness is prioritized. A world where mental health, emotional intelligence, physical vitality, spiritual soundness, and convergence with nature are commonplace values.

Our Contribution to this Cause

We, at Wonderfield, are in the business of tilling rich soil for both the land and the soul. In addition to being a fully operational farm, we are an event space and wellness retreat center. With our experience in retreat hosting, systems thinking and strategic development, we have designed a collaboration program which allows wellness professionals – yoga instructors, life coaches, philosophical teachers, mental health counselors etc – to host their dream retreats without coming up against all the stress, unforeseen challenges, logistical legwork, and risk, both legal and financial, typically encountered on such a venture. Simply put, we’ve made retreat hosting fun and intuitive!

From Vision to Reality

Our retreat collaboration program is a revenue-share partnership which provides hosts with the following:

  • A framework for them to plug in their host activities and have a ready-to-execute retreat plan
  • Automated ticket price calculations and clear, accurate financial projections before making any commitments
  • Chef, assistant, and a roster of auxiliary facilitators and services
  • The time, money and energy that would otherwise be spent on researching, scheduling, and reserving the aforementioned help.
  • Access to proper liability coverage
  • Accommodations ranging from private cottages, powered and “plumbed” glamp sites, a shared hostel style bunk-room, barn room fitting for receptions to yoga sessions, and a two-story waterfront gazebo
  • Event page on Facebook & WonderfieldFarm.com
  • Marketing strategy & promotion assistance
  • Guest booking support and payment processing
  • Free lodging for host
  • Full-time retreat assistant
  • 66 Acres of Farm, Forest & Swampland to Wander & Wonder
  • Retreat host testimonial page to help promote future events


Want to host your retreat at Wonderfield? APPLY HERE to begin the process of bringing your vision to reality.

Email us at info@wonderfieldfarm.com