Host Your Own Wellness Retreat


So you are ready to host a retreat? Awesome! Wonderfield Wellness is here to help make the retreat hosting process fun and intuitive! First things first, we ask hosts to come to an understanding of what their underlying inspiration is before embarking on this journey.

After finding clarity of purpose, we will meet with you to reflect on how to cultivate an experience from the fertile roots of knowing that may lend transformation and healing to all in attendance. During this 60 minute collaboration we will plan out the retreat in its entirety: schedule; staff; excursions; chef & lodging accommodations; pricing and projected earnings. Don’t worry, this process is specifically fashioned to extrapolate these details while you are in a Why-induced flow!

After we’ve painted your masterpiece, the only thing we need of you before launching the event page and box office is for you to provide a: summary of the event; host bio; a couple photos: and a deposit of as little as $200 per night.

We assist you in attracting attendees who may best be served by the experience and handle the ticketing and booking for you. And when the retreat comes to be, your collaborator will be by your side to assist you throughout the weekend. Any unexpected instances or conflicting energy between guests, we are here to mitigate and mediate so you may stay centered in your role as host.

Our role as retreat collaborator is to keep you in your flow and we’ve structured pricing to both alleviate financial stresses and ensure we are vested in your gathering by operating within an all-inclusive revenue share model. As the host, you will keep 20% of all earnings received for your event tickets and lodging. We also have a roster of service providers, such as masseuses, who come at no cost to the host but instead are calculated into the minimum ticket price.

So now that you have a better understanding of what this path entails, are you excited to host your retreat on Wonderfield Farm…

Let's Create Something Wonderful