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Wonderfield Farm & Grove

Originally Banes Grove, this Floral City citrus landmark has flourished into what you now see as WonderField Farm & Grove. Bought from Howard Bane in 2017, the Hubbard Family of St. Petersburg, Florida are now the stewards of these beautiful lands – 66 acres to be exact! The legacy of Banes Grove is an asset to the area and community that we do not intend to diminish but rather to enhance and expand.

The Hubbard family at Wonderfield Farm & Grove represents a new breed of land stewards. They are dedicated to preserving the beauty and history of their lands while adopting new strategies to enhance the natural systems and steer their once forgotten acreage back into nourishing food production and mindful immersive spaces. We plan for this project to become a “Hub” for nature lovers, locavores, permaculture enthusiasts, and travelers seeking a real Florida experience away from the main tourist traps. Our hope is that Wonderfield Farm & Grove will create lasting memories for its guests that inspire them to work within and appreciate their natural surroundings wherever they might find themselves.

Our property is nestled up next to the Flying Eagle Preserve, only minutes from some of Florida’s most famous freshwater springs, and the entire property line is bordered by a gorgeous freshwater canal. Wonderfield is a perfect place to stay and see a side of Florida like never before.

We hope you stay with us, we hope you play with us, and we hope to give you a taste of “Old Florida” – from the abundant and tasty citrus trees peppering the property, to the idyllic cypress swamps.

Meet the new and old stewards – from left to right are current owners Tara Hubbard, her father Mark Hubbard, and to the far right is Howard Banes himself.

What they’re saying about Wonderfield…

"This place feels like home. Come here to experience peace and tranquility." - Joseph Gray

"It’s a magical place where you can recharge and be immersed in natural Florida. It’s heavenly! Well worth the visit!" - Maureen McDole

"To experience the joy of taking a ripe orange from the tree and biting into it's sweet and juicy insides is unlike any other. To re-establish our connection to food and where it comes from this is just one of the many lessons you can learn in a visit.
I look forward to many many more trips to the Grove." - Matthew Sauer

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